​Emak Electrical Contractors. Northern Suburbs Adelaide SA. Stay in touch with news from Emak for all the latest trends in Electrical products including designer lighting, security and more. Emak offers a one stop shop for electrical service installation and repairs coupled with the latest technology & products - we've got you covered.  

Industrial L.E.D Lighting

Check out our Industrial range of L.E.D lighting...!!! EMAK Electrical is offering the only L.E.D Fittings on the market with a 10 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY...!!!!

Efficient, energy saving, products running at at least half the cost of their counter products...!! Price of electricity is on the rise..!! is your business competing with others...???


For all enquiries contact Jack on 0403 244 251

EMAK Solutions - we're expanding...!!

We're excited to announce [soon to launch] EMAK Solutions...!! As a natural extension of EMAK Electrical, EMAK Solutions will offer our South Australian customers a one stop destination for all your electrical appliances. Ranging from CBUS systems to Industrial LED Lighting and more; the showroom will house a super star range of electrical products & appliances. Whether you're updating your current premises or fitting out a new project, EMAK is a one stop solution to your electrical needs. Now offering both products and expertise in service & installation....together with service excellence - we're offering a one stop shop for Residential & Commercial customers alike.

We are currently undergoing final plans to launch our first showroom in [Adelaide].  Stay tuned for updates..!!!